Today's menu:

chateubriand, medium rare
Robert Young Cabernet, 1998
un cafe espress

Cool, Floride days of winter... working on a mythos piece about Cocoa Beach for the Beachside Resident... hinges on the idea of an energy 'beneath the sand,' a sort of fire which burns Legend into existence.  I'll link the website when it comes out next month.

I've also been building a new set of bookshelves (a favorite hobby of mine) for the office.  The Doctor has been staying with me for the past few days, acting as 'sandman' for the poplar.  In keeping with tradition, we burned a fire to honor the coming of the New King, who is creating quite a stir in these strange times.

Also, please note the soaring price of gold...


  1. Cocoa Beach... fighter jock astronauts and free love in the 60's. I remember Al Shepherd and Gus Grissom sipping cocktails in Ramon's Rainbow Room on top of the glass bank, before the first launch of the Mercury Program. Things were different in those days.

  2. Yeah, I think he's talking about real legends, like Slater. Good try, though.

  3. I hear they're trying to get the money together to build a bronze statue of Slater in Cocoa Beach. Get back to me when it's done, kid.

    See you in the Hall,


  4. D... when is that children's book coming out? I hope you come to New York soon!

  5. I see you've refined your craft and moved on from Stickman serials, Doctor Perez comics, and afternoon Milanos.

    A fine transformation indeed . . .

    If there was an air conditioner by my side, I would tear up small bits of paper and release the confetti in celebration.

    Nice work, D Reits.

  6. Dear Proprieteur,

    Have you left us so soon? Please open the cafe doors again. It is so difficult to find a clean, quiet place nowadays. (especially which serves good cafe au lait)

    With thanks,

    a humble patron

  7. Ah, the Stickman Chronicles... I remember them well.

    Jacques, doors will be open, demain, in the afternoon.

    Jenny, you know what I say --
    Never plan a trip to New York before May