Welcome, friends, to our first teatime together.  I hope you find it comfortable here.  Please, have a seat, and allow me to present the menu for this Thursday:

cafe au lait
sandwiche mixte
creme brulee
a bottle of Chateau Simone, Cotes-de-Provence, Rose 2005

You may smoke if you wish.  We welcome dogs, so the smokers might want to use the ashtrays instead of the floorboards.  Fine, fine.

It is... as always... early afternoon here, and while most of the other cafes are 'en siesta' before the dinner hour, you can assume that we will be open for tea, for talk, and for truth, in whatever clothes it may choose to wear.

Please, come in...

Ah, now that we are all here, the coats are up, and the doors closed... I suppose I can speak freely.   As for myself, I spent the morning strolling the St. Michel.  It was dismally cold, and I couldn't stop thinking about the birds I saw on Christmas morning, with Aubrey opening her presents under the tree, the sky the color of polished steel in the background, and all of us still rubbing our eyes and yawning, when suddenly a thousand white pelicans descend upon the bay behind the house, falling like snow onto the water.  I was, in fact, lucky enough to get some video of this marvelous event, but I don't know how to upload it... maybe someone can enlighten me.

I see you are smiling.  It is good creme brulee.  Enjoy it, my friend.  These are hard times, as you well know.  I almost feel guilty opening this bottle of wine.  Then again...

There were moments of Greatness in this Presidential campaign.  And now, what Great Moment will Obama seize next?  Or would you rather discuss the latest celebrity gossip?  Then again, are you more interested in the economy, and if it might be time to invest in gold?  Or, perhaps we should simply sit here this afternoon, just sit for a bit with nowhere to go and nothing else that needs saying, only to let the food and wine sink in gently, and watch all the strange faces pass us by.

A toute l'heure.


  1. Nice site, D. I guess I could try it out on Sunday afternoons. Hope you're well. Hear you're expecting again. Much love,


  2. - I always hearing about the Chateau Simone rose, but they do not export to the US, c'est une vrai tragedie -

  3. Great Moments? Obama has done nothing that suggests we should expect many of these in the future. Good luck, I'm moving back to Serbia.

  4. I don't get it. Is he in Cocoa Beach or Paris?

  5. My dear Veronika,
    He is in both Cocoa, Paris, and in other venues as well;
    you see,
    he wanders

    "They seek him here
    They seek him there
    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere

  6. it was a fine comment.

    i didn't mean that Bordeaux; I meant the one without the x, near La Chapelle (whew, sure hope that spelling's right).

    Anyway, as you recall the delta 4 heavy which took off from .. uhh up the road a piece ..., well from what I understand from my inner circle, it's retrieved (not it, but one of its deployed vehicles) something from the martian atmosphere - a life form!!

    I'm very excited indeed, and I certainly hope it tastes good.

  7. Truth, Dr. Truth et al,

    Wow, what a fine cafe indeed. A very fine cafe. Do you mind if I step out of the mistral for a few moments and share with you all how delighted I was to see the Wrestler, Mickey Rourke's greatest flick since 9 1/2 weeks? After watching his performance I have regained my faith in gut-wrenching, Lee Strasbourgesque work, work that can bring the audience to truly empathize with the character and not just admire his form. There was no cosmetic character work here that one would see in say, Brad Pitt. It was real work from the stomach. It also has a great message. We cannot hide from our natures. Oh please, a glass of St. Emilion if you have it. Merci

  8. the wine was delicious

  9. What a wonderful little cafe...too bad it already has its anonymous visitors ...nevertheless the food and company is great...thought that some of the visitors here may enjoy this little story and video I found on life and surfing... http://espn.go.com/action/news/story?id=3830299 - Senor Fran Sarnoff -- btw, how do a create an ID like others have?

  10. Truth,

    I found your story about trudging through the airport quite hilarious. I am now 32 years old and I still sport juice balls in the terminal (although sometimes if I'm feeling fancy, like a certain Goldman Sachs investment banker by day and DJ by night, I sport my Gucci's. I still check out mom's ass, and I still cruise to my flight with grace and efficiency. However, it might be that the joy that comes with having a family outweighs the benefits one receives from a smooth connection at the airport, or a quick glance at lady's ass. I hope though, that you still check out lady's ass!

  11. Oops...I wrote Gucci's, and meant Guccis. Two completely different things.

  12. Finally...a quiet morning and a chance (sans hotel guests) to appreciate a few moments catching up. I quite enjoy the atmosphere in this new café. The food, company, and ambiance are 5-star; my only complaint thus far - the visual of the young man (pre- and post- family) caused me to spray my latte across the room during your crowded tea time! Perhaps you can relate since you are, in fact, the proud owner of a 22-month old and have experienced projectile vomiting. Again - my apologies to the 'propriétaire'. We've known each other for a very long time; almost 32 years in fact, and you have always had that ability to cause my uncontrolled laughter. I look forward to more...

  13. Are you still open? Oh good, it's cold tonight and I thought I would come in and enjoy a glass of St. Emilion. Oh, you do? Wonderful. Just one of those please, in a gigantic Bordeaux glass. Thank you. Do you mind if I just sit here in the quiet warmth and allow my mind to wander from the perpetual negativity that surrounds us at the moment, and think back to my days in Aix-en-Provence, chasing sun and skirt? Oh, you don't. Thank you Truth, thank you.